Game #39 Thyra vs Makeda1 (WTC 2017 Belgium game #3)

A few words before the game :

This time we get China Taichi.
Take a look how we evaluated our chances :

Our Circle played vs Circle/Krueger2 – 65% to win.
Our Grymkin played vs Cygnar/Stryker2 – 65% to win.
Our Cygner played vs Retribution/Issyria – 45% to win.
Our Cryx played vs Retribution/Kaelyssa – 50% to win.
I played vs Skorne/Makeda1 – 50% to win.

We should win this round 3-2.
Let’s see!

Lists of my opponent :

I rate this paring at 50%, due to the Thyra vs Xerxis1 match.
When I found out that we are playing Thyra vs Makeda1, my paring jumped to 65% for me (if I start).

My list :

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Guardians of the Temple

(Thyra 1) Thyra, Flame of Sorrow [+29]
– Blood of Martyrs [16]
– Dervish [7]
– Sanctifier [14]
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance [0(5)]
Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero [0(5)]
Vassal Mechanik [1]
Wrack [1]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Daughters of the Flame [10]
Daughters of the Flame [10]
Flame Bringers (max) [17]
Flame Bringers (max) [17]
Temple Flameguard (min) [7]
– Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard [0(4)]

Fortunately, I managed to win a starting roll and I chose to start.

Deployment :

In a nutshell, Thyra cast Occultation on left horses, Silence of Death on right horses and Gates of Death on herself.
Whole army just run forward, but I had to watch over BE, Molik and cats threat ranges.

Jason slightly positions the models, so that, they do not enter the cavalry threat ranges unnecessarily.
Generally, for the first few turns we are playing chess, not Warmachine.
We only set models in the right positions and no one even attacked.

I manage to get 3 scenario points advantage, which forces Jason to aggressive game.
He ran forward with everything and Makeda FEATed.
When Molik kills BoM after sidesteps, then BE goes to battle and blows up a lot of horses.

At the end of the game, I have to score 3 scenario points to win, which seems easy, but I have only 30 seconds to do it…
On the left, Daughters ran to contest zone and the flag.
On the right, Thyra killed two cats.
Pyrrhus ran to the right flag.
One Flamebringer and Nicia destroyed objective.
At the end of my turn, Thyra teleport to the right zone to score a point.

I did everything and I won the game by scenario 7-2, ending my turn with 2 seconds on the clock!
I didn’t even know I had such a quick hands!

Clever positioning of her, can mess up the opponent plans.
The whole game she was running and lurking at her moment – the attacks at the objective.
Her two attacks were the last vs objective and they gave me a victory.

Take a look, how she traveled during this game :

The rest of my team did their job well :

4-1 to Poland Knights!

Better than we thought.

A few words after game :

  • I was sure Jason would play Xerxis1.
    I was surprised that he chose Makeda1.
    I had a few things that would counter his feat (grievous wounds on BoM and crit grievous wounds on cavalry).
  • Siege Animantarax is a bit too good for these points.
    He almost killed the whole cavalry ALONE.
  • Jason, it was a good and equal game until the very end. Thanks!

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