Game #57 Malekus vs Ashlynn

I played :

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Creator’s Might

(Malekus 1) Malekus, the Burning Truth [+30]
– Eye of Truth [20]
– Reckoner [16]
– Reckoner [16]
The Covenant of Menoth [0(4)]
Vassal Mechanik [1]
Vassal Mechanik [1]
Vassal of Menoth [0(3)]
Vassal of Menoth [0(3)]
Wrack [1]
Wrack [1]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard [9]
Vessel of Judgment [18]
Vessel of Judgment [18]


Mercenary Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Llaelese Resistance

(Ashlynn 1) Ashlynn D’Elyse [+29]
– Mariner [14]
– Mule [15]
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker [4]
Anastasia di Bray [3]
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [0(5)]
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist [4]
Major Harrison Gibbs [4]
Ragman [4]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
Taryn di la Rovissi, Llaelese Gun Mage [0(5)]
Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs (max) [18]
Tempest Blazers (max) [18]
Trencher Infantry (max) [16]
– Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper [0(5)]

Ashlynn was led by Tomasz Tutaj – one of the best Polish players.

Mercenaries are going first.

The whole Mercenaries army was proxed!

Deployment :

Ashlynn cast Quicken on Trenchers.
She also cast Admonition on Mule.
Trenchers came forward (8 inches!) + cloud wall.

I started with Banishing Ward on Malekus and Ignite on EoT (theme benefit).
My whole army just ran forward.
I did not have anything to shoot through the cloud wall and other models were out of my ranges.

End of 1st round :

Rhupert gave Tough to Devil Dogs.
Trenchers did cloud wall – again.
Blazers started to flanking.

Left BE killed few Devil Doogs.
Right BE killed two Blazers.
Choir said Shielding.
Jacks ran to the middle zone.
Covenant said Power of Faith.
Malekus stayed in a safe position on the hill.

End of 2nd round :

Ashlynn FEAT.
Trenchers and Blazers killed almost whole my support.
Devil Dogs tried to destroy left BE, but luckily, it survived on few boxes.
Mule and Mariner charged at my Reckoners.
They almost destroyed them.

I lost a lot of my forces.
I am surrounded on each side by enemy models.
My two Reckoners and left BE in the next turn will be destroyed.
I will not do much, because of Ashlynn FEAT.
Unfortunately, I have no way to win this game other than crazy CK attempt.
2x BE (outside of Ashlynn FEAT) cleared a lot of Trenchers.
It was necessary to prepare the way for EoT, whose mission was trample and reach Ashlynn.
But before that, Malekus had to charge the enemy model and cast Scourge at Ashlynn.
Of course I did not count on direct hit, only on deviation.
All I needed was to roll “1” or “2” on deviation distance.
I rolled more and the whole plan was sprinkled 🙁

End of 3rd round :

In the next turn I’ll lose by CK.
Ashlynn just charged and killed Malekus.

A few words after game :

  • Unfortunately, there was a situation where I was forced to attempt such a crazy CK.
    But looking at it from the other side, it gave me 33% to win.
    Still more than trying to play that game on the scenario.
  • If I only managed to knock down Ashlynn, EoT (after trample) would have no problem killing her.
    2x pow 22 – that’s enough.
  • The biggest problem for me was cloud wall and cavalry, for which I had to send BE.
  • In the future, I will check Malekus with the Revelator.
    I’m sure it will work better than two Reckoners.

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