Game #61 Vindictus vs Thyron

I played :

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Exemplar Interdiction

(Vindictus 1) Vice Scrutator Vindictus [+29]
– Castigator [12]
– Vanquisher [17]
Exemplar Warder Elias Gade [0(5)]
High Exemplar Gravus [9]
Wrack [1]
Wrack [1]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Exemplar Errants (min) [10]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [0(5)]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [0(5)]


Retribution of Scyrah – New Army

Theme: Legions of Dawn
2 / 2 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Thyron, Sword of Truth – WJ: +27
– Gorgon – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
– Banshee – PC: 18 (Battlegroup Points Used: 18)

Dawnguard Sentinel Scyir – PC: 0
– Hydra – PC: 15
Dawnguard Sentinel Scyir – PC: 4
– Hydra – PC: 15
Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 0
Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2

Dawnguard Invictors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
– Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4
Dawnguard Sentinels – Leader & 9 Grunts: 18
– Soulless Escort – PC: 1

Retribution was led by Tomasz Tutaj – one of the best Polish players.

The elves are going first.

The whole Retribution army was proxed!

Deployment :

Thyron cast Assail on Banshee and Storm Rager on himself.
Rest of the army ran forward.
Dawnguards stayed b2b with each other to get +2 ARM.

Elias Gade prey on Invictors.
Vindictus cast Penitence on right Errants and Defenders Ward on left Errants + FEAT.
Errants on the right shot few Invictors.
Errants on the left tried to do the same with Sentinels, but they killed only 1 of them.

End of 1st round :

Few Sentinels came forward and killed some left Errants.
2x Hydra killed my few models (all RoS Jacks have magical range attacks).
Banshee ran behind the wall.
Thyron cast Spell Piercer, so Invictors could target my models.
They shot few Errants, but also died from Penitence.

On the left side, I killed as many Sentinels as possible.
I also destroyed objective.
On the right side, I could not do much, by Banshee’s Wailing.
Despite this, I managed to deal a lot of dmg to Jacks and kill several Invictors.

1-0 on the scenario.

End of 2nd round :

Thyron killed a lot of my models, to make the way for Hydra.
Then, Hydra destroyed Vanquisher.

I was able to clear the left zone.
On the right flank Knights smashed the Banshee.
Castigator ran to score a point in the left zone.

2-0 on the scenario.

End of 3rd round :

Tomek managed to clear almost entire right zone.
Only objective remains.

I cleared the left one.
Vindictus ran to the zone to score a point.

3-0 on the scenario.

End of 4th round :

The rest of our game consisted in killing key models and contesting enemy zones.
The game ended in 7th round.

I lost the game 6-7 on the scenario.

End of the game :

A few words after game :

  • It was a very close game!
    Fight to the very end.
  • Selection of my BG was not very successful.
    My Jacks did nothing special in this game.
  • Spell Piercer helped RoS a lot in this match.
    Because of this spell, my FEAT did not help me much.
  • Thyron with Storm Rager on himself is almost impossible to kill in late game!

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