Game #69 Vindictus vs Asphyxious3 (local Warsaw tournament game #1)

I played :

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Exemplar Interdiction

(Vindictus 1) Vice Scrutator Vindictus [+29]
– Dervish [7]
– Devout [9]
– Sanctifier [14]
Exemplar Warder Elias Gade [0(5)]
High Exemplar Gravus [9]
Knights Exemplar Seneschal [0(5)]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
Wrack [1]
Wrack [1]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [0(5)]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [5]


Cryx Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Black Industries

(Asphyxious 3) Asphyxious the Hellbringer [+24]
– Deathjack [23]
– Harrower [16]
– Inflictor [13]
– Nightwretch [0(7)]
– Nightwretch [0(7)]
– Reaper [13]
– Seether [13]
– Slayer [10]
Ragman [4]
Scrap Thralls [2]
Soul Trapper [1]
Warwitch Siren [4]

Cryx goes first.

Unfortunately, the zones are transparent, so it is very difficult to notice where they are.
In the first picture, I marked them.

Deployment :

Elias Gade prey at DJ.

Asphyxious cast Ashen Veil on DJ.
He also cast Mobility.
Inflictor and Reaper ran as far as possible.
DJ and Slayer went to the trench.

Vindictus cast True Path, Def Ward on right Errant + FEAT.
Choir said Passage.
Errants shot two Scrap Thralls.
Rhupert gave Tough on right Errants.

End of 1st round :

Harrower and Reaper shot few models – outside my FEAT, so magical weapons were not needed.
Rest of the army stayed in the zones.

Knights destroyed the Harrower and Nightwretch in the left zone.
Errants and Exemplar Seneschal almost smashed Reaper.
Devout ran to Vindictus.
On the left flank, few Errants charged at DJ and Slayer.

1-0 on the scenario.

End of 2nd round :

Seether and Reaper killed as many models as possible.
DJ and Slayer did the same.
Unfortunately, no one could contest the left zone.

2-0 on the scenario.

Knights stayed in the left zone to score a point.
Rest of the army destroyed Seether and Reaper.
Dervish stayed in the middle zone to score a point.
Vindictus and Devout ran away from DJ.

4-0 on the scenario.

End of 3rd round :

My opponent did everything what was possible, to clear the right zone.
Unfortunately, he failed.
At the end of his turn, I received 5th scenario point.

I won the game 5-0 on scenario.

End of the game :

A few words after game :

  • Asphyxious3… once again.
    He has become very popular recently.
  • It seems to me, that it is a good paring for Vindictus.
    The only and serious problem is Ashen Veil on DJ.
    Def 15 and Arm 21 vs melee is too much for Errants.
  • Fortunately, there is Gravus and his dispel.
    As long as he is alive, everything should be OK 😉

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