Game #81 Vindictus vs Absylonia2 (Oslo steamroller tournament game #3)

I played :

Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Exemplar Interdiction

(Vindictus 1) Vice Scrutator Vindictus [+29]
– Dervish [7]
– Devout [9]
– Templar [15]
Exemplar Warder Elias Gade [0(5)]
High Exemplar Gravus [9]
Knights Exemplar Seneschal [0(5)]
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord [4]
Wrack [1]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [0(5)]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [5]


Legion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Oracles of Annihilation

(Absylonia 2) Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight [+28]
– Carnivean [19]
– Carnivean [19]
– Carnivean [19]
– Neraph [12]
– Proteus [19]
– Seraph [14]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]
Spell Martyr [1]
The Forsaken [0(4)]

Legion was lead by Martin – Norwegian Champion 2018.
And definitely one of the best Legion players in the world.

Legion goes first.

Deployment :

Absylonia cast Bracer on Proteus.
Whole army ran as far as possible.
Only Seraph and Nyss Sorceress were in the back.

Vindictus cast Def Ward on right Errants and Penitence on left Errants.
He also used FEAT.
Rhupert gave Tough to right Errants.
Choir said Passage.
Errants started shooting at Proteus – they did a few dmg to him.

End of 1st round :

Absylonia FEAT.
She killed one of my models to activate Alpha Hunter + reposition back.
On the left flank, Neraph and Carnivean just walk and killed my models.
On the right flank, Proteus and Carnivean trampled forward, killing what was possible to kill.
I lost too many models this turn…

Gravus charged at Proteus.
He dispel Bracer and did a lot of dmg to the Beast.
Knights, Devout and Templar took care of him.
They also left Carnivean on 2/3 hp 🙁
Dervish destroyed objective.
Knights and Exemplar Seneschal killed Neraph.
They also did a lot of dmg to Carnivean.
Vindictus cast Admonition on himself and came to the safe place.

1-0 on the scenario.

End of 2nd round :

Carnivean on the right frenzied – good for me.
Absylonia cast Psycho Surgery to heal her Beasts a little bit.
Another Carnivean and Seraph destroyed Templar.
Nyss Sorceress took care of my infantry.

Rhupert ran to contest the right zone.
I managed to get rid of two Carniveans.
Dervish score a point in the left zone.

2-0 on the scenario.

End of 3rd round :

Martin cleared the right zone.
He also destroyed the objective.
Carnivean charged and killed Gravus.

2-2 on the scenario.

Choir ran to contest the middle and the right zone.
Dervish killed Nyss Sorceress and scored a point in the left zone.

3-2 on the scenario.

End of 4th round :

After Martin’s turn, I do not have models on the table.
Only Vindictus survived.
He tried to kill the Carnivean – but he failed.
After that, I gave up the game.
Anyway, at the end of my turn, Martin would get three scenario points.

I lost the game on scenario.

End of the game :

A few words after game :

  • Although I lost, I do not think it’s a bad pairing for me.
    If in the second round I managed to kill a Carnivean, who stayed on 2/3 hp, it would be much better.
  • Proteus with 4 inches reach is perfect in killing large numbers of models.
    Nyss Sorceress also dealt with infantry very well.
  • Anyway, if I see Abb2 again, I’ll drop Vindictus with pleasure.
  • Martin, thanks for the game!
    I’m waiting for a rematch.

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